DATASET: SFHH conference data set

Release data: Dec 3, 2018

This data set describes the face-to-face interactions of 405 participants to the 2009 SFHH conference in Nice, France (June 4-5, 2009). It was first described in the publications Dynamics of Person-to-Person Interactions from Distributed RFID Sensor Networks and Simulation of an SEIR Infectious Disease Model on the Dynamic Contact Network of Conference Attendees. It was released as supplementary data set of the publication Can co-location be used as a proxy for face-to-face contacts?

The data file is in the usual format representing the active contacts during 20-second intervals of the data collection. Each line has the form “t i j”, where i and j are the anonymous IDs of the persons in contact, and the interval during which this contact was active is [ t – 20s, t ] (t is expressed in seconds).

Terms and conditions

The data are distributed to the public under a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license. When this data is used in published research or for visualization purposes, please cite the following paper: "Can co-location be used as a proxy for face-to-face contacts?", M. Génois and A. Barrat, EPJ Data Science 7, 11 (2018).

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